5 Ways to increase Facebook Likes! (Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy)

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5 Ways to increase Facebook Likes

Yes you heard right, 5 Ways to increase Facebook Likes!

Let’s face it, the 2 main social networking websites for businesses to promote their products or services is on Twitter or Facebook.


However, why do big companies focus on achieving Facebook Likes more than trying to obtain a batch of Twitter followers? Simple,  Facebook is much more interactive with your audience as opposed to Twitter.



Think about it logically; on Twitter you post a tweet, 30 seconds later that tweet has now gone to outer-space somewhere, no where to be seen again.


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Facebook on the other hand works on social networking of friends and not strangers or  stalkers shall i say… When you post a status update on Facebook i don’t need statistics to prove that you have more than 10 times the chances of success over a single tweet from twitter.


Enough chitchat. Let’s show you how you can improve those Facebook likes!


Less is more


It’s simple the more you write within your post, the less likely people will read it – studies have shown & proven this time and time again.


Keep your content clean, bang on point & if you want to ask people to “Share” do NOT hesitate to do so as if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Potentially when someone goes about liking/sharing your post, a friend comes along to see the post on the Facebook Homepage… chances are they will get drawn in therefore you get more Likes to your page.


Facebook Insights


This feature wasn’t added for the fun of it yet surprisingly enough many ignore it, you must “know your audience”.  What do they like? What do they dislike? What do they respond to more? The more you trigger their responsiveness the more likely you will go about achieving more Facebook Likes to your page.


As the more they respond, the higher chances it will end up on the users homepage to where all their friends can view such responsiveness thus bringing in more likes from friends/family.


Typical Mistake


When people treat their business Facebook page the same as their personal page. Nothing you do will beat “Quality Content”.  They say content is King and this is why you provide your fans of the page the most valuable and up-to-date content.


Pictures are good as it is even more likely to grab someone’s attention, this doesn’t mean you throw any image on hoping it gains attention from users – think logically; does this nbso online casino image appeal to your audience? Is it specific to my type of business/organisation? If you’re still not sure ask people around you before publishing.


Asking Questions


Research by Buddy Media has proven, when you use words such as “where” “when” “would and “should” it is more likely to increase engagement.


We know how lazy people are, for example when you are writing “Would” users will go about liking your status to agree rather than writing a comment.


Converting traffic to Facebook Likes


We know how Google can change algorithms overnight, leaving people with absolutely no traffic as they are focused 100% on traffic through search engines. We are not saying search engine traffic is bad, however if you’re having your good days with Google then we suggest you get that traffic converted to Facebook Likes through Facebook’s developer plug-in.


An email list can also work wonders on your website. This allows you not only to send out an email to your subscribed users to like your page on Facebook but you can directly send them out newsletters onto their email, Win-Win situation.


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What works for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!


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  • Arianna
    Comment by Arianna: ( May 25th, 2012 at 11:37 pm )

    This is a very good article for people who want to get some promotions going, lovely article, simple and precise, its good you pointed out a mistake as well, people generally overlook that often

    very helpful

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