Amazon to introduce it’s NEW TV set up box

By:   |   May 28th, 2012   |   Dev & Design
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Ideas have recently been circulating about Amazons ambitions within the TV industry. With the Kindle synonymous to the world of e-books, some ask why not bring the Kindle into the TV and video streaming arena?


TV is still in the process of big change. While now we still dwell on the traditional TV viewing i.e. via TV aerial, cable or satellite dish, soon we may expect more choice in interactive services.  Services such as Boxee and Roku are one of the first to offer new potential, such as video availability on TVs, set-top boxes and games.


During the MIPTV Cannes conference, Amazon offered a presentation on the advantages of their Amazon Instant Videoand LoveFilm services. Does this show big plans? Amazon are clearly interested in the films and video industry, perhaps they wish to expand that.


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Amazon could potentially break into this industry, just like it did with the Kindle. Kindle took over the world of e-books, now the question remains whether Amazon will try to emulate this success within the TV business. Amazon could bring out its own set-top box at affordable prices. With the compnay’s well know name and marketing strength, the new way of streaming could take on the brand name of Amazon. There is certainly a market for this as there people without a smart TV or games console to stream videos from. Though set-top boxes do already exist within the market such as Boxee and Roku, the boom has never really taken off. Perhaps what it needs is a strong and already tested marketing company. Could it be Amazon?


Amazon could essentially take over, or for want of a better word, improve an existing service like Roku. Though its sales figures aren’t quite up there, the appeal is with its cheap prices – for example the Roku 2 XD is available for £99.99 Could 2012 be the year Amazon brings forward this possibility? It may well be as Amazon should try to fend off other top potential competitors like Google or Apple.


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What do you think of Amazon’s potential? Would buy an Amazon named set box?


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