Why you should buy a 3D TV?

By:   |   June 13th, 2012   |   Gadgets
3D Tv

When it comes to technology, 3D TV is considered as one of the most elegant inventions of this decade. However, the concept of 3D is quite old but the real market for 3D TV arose with the release of the all time best 3D movie “Avatar”. The fundamental concept is simple behind 3D invention; to give the viewer a feel of the real world while watching TV and it is achieved by introducing depth into image sequence.


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The depth in the scene is employed by using an old technique called stereoscopy. When a user views an image stereoscopically, brain perceives them separately and combines them to produce a 3D image and sequence of these 3D images generates a 3D video.


Now, the genuine question to ask is; “why should you buy a 3D TV”. If you’re happy to have a hole in your pocket by being an adopter of early technology then 3D TV is more than a worthwhile addition to your sitting room. Moreover, 3D TV is a great replacement providing the fact that watching a 3D movie with family and friends in cinemas can cost quite a bit.


Let’s not forget the genuine need of 3D TV where major broadcasters announced that their programs and events will be broadcasted in 3D very soon and some of the events are already being broadcasted in 3D technology. If you are serious gamer, what about the claims of gaming console giants, PS3 and Xbox, to produce games in 3D very soon? How can you miss the sensation of depth and graphics whilst playing the games?


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On the darker side, why should you spend a large sum of money for a limited amount of entertainment as not all the programs and games are in 3D? Other serious question to ask yourself, would you be comfortable to watch TV with glasses on?


There’s no need to stress your brain as great progress is going on in this direction to overcome these issues and already there’s been a huge success. However, it is very expensive at the moment.


Here’s an example of the future of television; Toshiba launched a 3D TV 55ZL2 that does not require any glasses to enjoy the 3D experience. In every aspect, certainly 3D TV is a great value for your money.


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What are your thoughts? Will you decide to buy

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a 3D TV or is it simply not worth the money? Be sure to let us know by commenting below and subscribe whilst you’re at it!


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