Cash without card; Withdraw from ATM machines using your Smartphone.

By:   |   June 13th, 2012   |   Apps & Softwares
App to pay without card

New technology has been established to enable people to withdraw from ATM machines using only their Smartphone, it has been unveiled. So when it comes to paying back a friend, no excuses of ‘I left my card at home’, because everyone knows you carry you beloved phone with you wherever you go. Tough times.


The Royal Bank of Scotland or Natwest mobile app customers can request up to £100 via their Smartphones. Of course they are given a six digit code to enter into the cash machine to withdraw any money. Initially with the card they are able to withdraw £300 at a time, so not bad considering.


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There are similar developments of this system, however slightly different. The NCR requires users to scan a barcode with receive any cash. These developments are now advancing for better services and is a great step forward for the Smartphone becoming a digital wallet.


The Royal Bank of Scotland said that this new system of theirs would help their customers who are desperately in need of cash, for example if they need to send money to their family members in a hurry, but have unfortunately forgotten their bank cards. Additionally they have thought it to be a convenient way for people who want to leave their cards at home and are in favour of just taking out their phones out with them.


The service is available to customers via the free bank’s application on Smartphones. They are able to withdraw money from either The Royal Bank of Scotland, Natwest or Tesco branded ATM’s in the whole of UK. According to the bank 2.6 million people have already installed the app on their phones. Ben Green, head of mobile at Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest explained “It is a really simple and secure way to help our customers get cash whenever and wherever they need it,”


Obviously you’re wondering how this new system works with getting the code, well access to the app requires a password, and the code needed will be hidden until the user taps the screen. This is to prevent people (thieves) from looking over your shoulder to steal the code.


Although these developments can be an easy and convenient way to bank, it also can be a high risk from being a victim too, so being careful is an absolute must.


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