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By:   |   May 27th, 2012   |   Apps & Softwares, Facebook
facebook camera app

Facebook develops a Camera app for iOS


Facebook’s new app for iOS allows the facebooker to snap and upload pics straightaway. This includes tagging and Instagram style filters.





Facebook Camera App Features:


The user can use the cropping tool and rotate the photos. What’s most improved for Facebook photo uploading is the ability to upload several snaps at once – previously not possible from a mobile. The photos you take will also be saved within your own phone pictures, however filters will not apply.


However, you still cannot add or create a new album while uploading the photos from the phone. The album will appear in ‘Mobile Uploads’, making it harder to organise photos if the Facebooker so wishes. Hopefully though, this will feature may appear later.


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The release of the Camera app seems unexpected as much of the functions it performs are the same as Instagram. Still, the Camera app software appears to be sound and easy to use with an appealing and convenient layout for users. Perhaps this means Instagram will be shut down?


The Camera app is currently only for iOS, but hopefully soon it will be available for other Android mobiles.


Check out Facebook’s and tell us what you think.

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