Facebook wants to Star ‘Friends’

By:   |   May 26th, 2012   |   Facebook
Facebook Star Friends

Stalk your friends with Facebook Woo?

The world’s leading social networking site ‘Facebook’ is testing out a brand new feature called ‘Close Friends’ which allows you to be notified of every action your chosen friends do. When you log into your Facebook account, you will have a choice to ‘Star your close friends’ to help you keep up with the most important events with your friends.


In simple terms, you will be able to stay close to the people you consider as high profile friends without having to interact, visit their profile or even catch up with the latest updates in your news feed. There may be a new feature which helps to organize all your friends into ‘Smart Lists’ depending on where you work, live, went to school or who your family are, to make sure you are sharing your stuff with the right people.


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Smart Lists’ is updated automatically based on your friend’s profile to save you a whole load of time. Along with your Close Friend’s update, you can view a news feed which is similar to the feed in the Google + circle. Facebook came up with a brilliant idea which was; it would recommend who you can star as your close friends based on your interactions with them.


I believe that if you test out this feature on your Facebook, you will be finding it very easy to create lists which I’m certain everyone here always wanted to do. However, one thing that drives people mad is the amount of status updates you receive on your phone when using the ‘Close Friends’ feature.


If you’re one of those who receive mobile notifications from your Facebook then you will be sent an update every time your ‘close friend’ performs an action. You can say that this feature might give you a reason to limit your push notifications on your mobile if you haven’t done so already as you may have to cut down on the amount of notifications you will receive from Facebook. I’d suggest that if you like to be organized then this Facebook feature will make it so much easier to handle lists effectively and efficiently.


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