Facebook testing new ‘Share Music’ feature in News Feed Share box

By:   |   June 14th, 2012   |   Facebook
Facebook share music

Facebook is constantly making changes or better to say improvements in their features. Whether it’s in the form of timeline, video chat or notification alerts the Facebook team is motivated to provide a high end classic experience to its users. In this direction, Facebook embedded a new service of sharing music with friends. However, at the moment, it is in testing mode and will be available to all users very soon.


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Facebook has embedded a “Share Music” tab above in the status bar from where users can share the music they are listening to without leaving the Facebook site. Currently this service is available to a select number of users.


With this new feature of Facebook, you don’t have to give links of different streams or any website of songs. Instead, to share any song, just simply click on the share music tab and search in the input box for any song and tag it to your friends. As promised by Facebook last year at F8, they are committed to provide meaningful interactions to its users; this new feature is a practical action of their theoretical claims.


To find out whether you are in the selected number of lucky ones to test this new feature, login to your account and find the Share Music tab and post your first song with this cool feature.


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What do you think about this new feature? Is it useful and have you been chosen to test the feature? Be sure to let us know by commenting below and subscribing whilst you’re at it!

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