Google to be fined for being “too popular”

By:   |   June 10th, 2012   |   Google+
Google antitrust probe

Are we looking at another Microsoft situation? Let’s take you back a few years where Microsoft were accused of abusing their “power” when users bought a computer with their operating system; they threw internet explorer browsers giving their competition no chance of entry.


Google is now in the same bubble, they must give answers to the European Commission within a few months about their dominance within the search engine market or else they will be fined a hefty amount.




Joaquin Almunia who is the Competition Commissioner had said “By early July, I expect to receive from Google concrete signs of their willingness to explore this route,”


If Google do not come up with all the right answers by negotiating then you can expect many more of their competitors jumping on this bandwagon to pull down the dominant position they currently have.


Mr Almunia continued to say “In case we engage in negotiations to address our concerns and the proposals we receive turn out to be unsatisfactory, formal proceedings will continue through the adoption of a statement of objections,”


Take a guess as to what Google will be fined if found guilty? 10% of their global revenue… it was £24.4bn in 2011 – you do the maths.


This wasn’t the only case opened against Google as another occurred back in November with a smaller price comparison website in Britain called Foundem accusing Google of deliberately lowering them in the search results.


Both founders of Foundem didn’t exactly have nice words to say about them “In the traditional bricks-and-mortar world, Google’s anti-competitive practices would be obvious to all,”




Experian Hitwise data showed that Google are currently handling a crazy 90% of Britain’s searches online, they obviously will deny such abusive power but only time will tell as this case will take its shape in the months to come. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think its about time Google got some sense knocked into them? Or are they all just being cry babies because they can’t reach their level? Leave your comments below, now or never.

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