[NEW!] Google vs. Microsoft – Google Buys QuickOffice

By:   |   June 25th, 2012   |   Apps & Softwares, Google+

It’s time for another clash of the titans- Google takes on Microsoft this time around!


Microsoft has ruled the office environment for a long time. For how much longer?


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Most people are aware of Microsoft’s Office tools, having used them at least once during life. Many used them as their staple office tools, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and so on being used to help office productivity go on the up and up. Microsoft’s Office tools reigned supreme over the business and computer office departments, crushing competition with ease.


It didn’t look like it would ever be threatened- until now, that is.


Tooting up from their official blog on the 5th of June, Google announced their acquirement of QuickOffice, “a leader in office productivity solutions.”


“Today, consumers, businesses and schools use Google Apps to get stuff done from anywhere, with anyone and on any device. Quickoffice has an established track record of enabling seamless interoperability with popular file formats, and we’ll be working on bringing their powerful technology to our Apps product suite.”

Google’s official blog, 5th June


QuickOffice, which allows user to create, edit and view text files, presentations and spreadsheets through its applications (QuickWord, QuickSheet and QuickPoint respectively), is a mobile suite designed to aid those who like to work on the go, particularly coming in useful for those who like to work from their Smartphone.


Having launched GoogleDocs (or GoogleDrive, as it’s soon going to be updated to), in 2005, in conjunction with the recently procured QuickOffice, Google is looking like more of a threat to the ever-ruling Microsoft in the office environment. QuickOffice comes with an established user base; combined with the integration of the legions of users of Google’s own Smartphones, Microsoft might just have something to worry about.


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