What is HTML 5?

By:   |   June 21st, 2012   |   Dev & Design

HTML has taken another step ahead to be HTML 5. Although there are several versions of HTML incorporated in the world of technology, there is still more needed to catch the loopholes to create a refined and smooth explorer. Basically, a new standard has been set for HTML. This new version is yet to be revealed hence its features and the few applications it has are the talk of the town. With thriving endeavors of W3C and XHTML 2.0, HTML has held the strength of character.


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Every version has caught up well with the modern and changing demands of web applications. You might want to get your head hit with the desktop screen as you will find many sites that ask for video plug-ins before straight to heavy files. Ease yourself with the latest features of HTML 5 where you don’t need to install plug-ins to play your favorite videos and audios. This upcoming adaptation will automatically embed audio and video tags and will serve you by playing your favorite music file.


Nowadays, users are having problems with storing files when they lose their internet connection or when it slows down to a halt. They have to start from scratch to find their desirable files again. Though Google had tried to solve these issues, HTML 5’s new feature of storing offline data has made its place in a matter of time.


It’s good to see that HTML 5 has already found its stance among giant explorers like Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome etc who are enjoying the connection with the exciting new features and web applications of HTML 5. For example, its unique attribute of drag and drop has engaged well with Gmail gears. On many occasions, you are using some of HTML amazing features without knowing. For example, on Safari and Google Chrome, you can get in touch with an experimental edition of Youtube. Same as other surfers are getting amused with fascinating features as a treat. One thing people must now about HTML 5 is that it is something capable of bringing exceptional alterations in the future. Being an improved version of HTML 4,  you can now play downloaded flash based games. Cheer up gamers!


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What are your thoughts on the new HTML 5 features? Have you noticed some of the features you’ve been using? Be sure to comment below and subscribe whilst you’re at it!

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