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RIP Google+

Did you hear that Google is now the giant of search initiative and has been working on an answer to the Facebook phenomenon? BUT this creation has been under wraps for quite some time and has faced various delays because of disagreements over purpose, execution and design. That’s right! Facebook’s threat to Google’s domination of the Web was a rude awakening which launched the makings of a new creation in social platforms. Apparently, Facebook’s massive growth scared the living daylights out of leaders for Google, forcing them to develop a “come-back kid.” Once Facebook realized what Google was up to, they went into “hiding” in order to complete the release of key features like Facebook messages, Facebook places and Facebook groups. The launch of Google plus ratchets up the competition between Google plus and Facebook.


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Reportedly, Google is experiencing traffic statistics which appear to be taking a long spin into the toilet. The company reports a loss of their total 1269% spike. Simply stated, Google will never compare to Facebook. Google is a struggle to use because it simply isn’t interesting. It isn’t necessarily complicated; however, it is confusing in that there is really very little justification for why it even exists.


Once you have figured out how to use Google , you will quickly find that there really is very little reason to continue. The site’s redundancy, lack of niche and complete absence of uniqueness gives the overview of a dried up clone. Additionally, who needs five different locations to “friend” someone? One place will do just fine, thank you. Outside of those who are paranoid about privacy issues, Facebook kicks butt and takes names over Google . Simply stated, Facebook just raises above all the rest in all it tries to accomplish. Besides, Facebook is where your long, lost classmates hang out…kinda like “behind the bleachers” where the cool kids chilled. Who doesn’t want to be there?




Facebook has a news feed and a wall, both of which are a cut above Google . On top of that, Facebook offers lists…which they allegedly stole from Google “Circles.” This one is critical! Pay attention here…it doesn’t matter what “great”

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ideas Google comes up with, Facebook has already taken the cake over Twitter in “status,” they kicked in the doors on Skype and AIM…rest assured that Facebook will loot any tidbits of worth they find in Google . Facebook will always be a step ahead of the competition so Google might as well pack their bags and go on a “staycation.” Besides, it’s going to take way more than one new social network to get rid of the social phenomenon called Facebook.


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Seriously, do you know anyone who isn’t on Facebook? Some hardly ever use their account, but they are there. Others spend their day off just updating statuses. Either way, the number of users continues to grow, connecting friends and family all over the world. Now, do you know very many people using Google ? I have, like FOUR people in my “circle” and don’t know anyone else that I can add. Nuff said.


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