Introducing the new Google Drive!

By:   |   June 10th, 2012   |   Google+
Google Drive.

People who are into technology must know about cloud computing and services it offers but this time I am not referring to iCloud, Dropbox or Amazon Cloud Drive. I am referring to Google Drive which is yet another exciting and user-friendly service by Google Inc.


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As far as storing data is concerned it is almost the same as Dropbox or Amazon Cloud Drive but it has another built in exciting feature, Google Docs. Now you can store your offline data on a Cloud Drive along with online viewing functionality and you can also access them using Google Drive Android App.


Not only is there Google Drive or Google Docs, there are some other surprises associated with this service which makes scanned books and PDF files searchable.  All of your data backed up on Google Drive will be accessible through Google+ and soon you will see the functionality of file attachment from Google Drive to your Gmail.


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Google is also working hard to attract some third parties to incorporate Google Drive in their products; the most prominent ones include WeVideo and HelloFax.


It also offers double storage space as compared to Dropbox i.e. 5Gb in total. Yet it is not the highest that you can find as Microsoft’s SkyDrive offers more than 5Gb. There is no doubt in the fact that Google Drive will soon be the most integrated cloud storage drive.



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