Who needs Google?

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It has a great history, humble philosophy, an exquisite vision and mission. Google not only believes that by satisfying their users” needs will make their company reach new heights but also striving to achieve its strong mission that says, “Organize the world”s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Since it was founded, in 1998, Google has been the leading online search engine breaking all the technological challenges and barriers.


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Google has to Answer Who?
Users, advertisers, and publishers are main stakeholders that Google focuses on. Taking customer focused approach is one of the secrets of Google”s rapid growth. Whether its how Google”s technology works or how it is making profit, or what is the current offerings and what products is it going to invest in the future, every question arises both curiosity and hope among the Google fans.


Google Users
From laypersons who look for information using Google”s chrome browser for better internet experience, to middle or big global manufacturing industries and services who rely on Google services for their business growth; all are looking for answers from Google. They want to know what Google”s ventures are, what their products and business offerings onlinecasinocanada1.com are and how it is going to help them make their life easier, better and quick.


Advertisers from across the globe reap the cutting edge technology used by Google. In fact, the revolutionary online marketing concepts such as displaying relevant advertisements on the web pages, hovering of banner ads and online advertiser publisher relationships and payment transactions are so well integrated that almost anybody, without technical background, can make use all these features offered by Google.


Google Adsense, Google trends, Google insight and Google analytics are the backbone of Google”s publishing platform. Whether you are publishing a simple personal blog or planning to venture a 200 page niche website, Google makes publishing as easy as few clicks away. So, publishers are keen to know how the new publishing products that can bring more profits, which in turn enhance their publishing portfolio.


Besides aspiring initiatives such as Google ventures, Google green, Google org, and Crisis response, Google has  always been in the spotlight and the world is anticipating great products and services that can make life more convenient and comfortable.


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