Project Glass: Google’s new Sci-fi goggles [VIDEO]

By:   |   May 26th, 2012   |   Gadgets, Google+
Google Glasses

Let’s wear glasses – to take pictures, record videos, and connect to the internet?!

The world of technology never fails to astonish – the newest and awaited release of the so called Project Glass showed just some of its capabilities in April. Google revealed the first video captured by its new eyewear on Google featuring jumps and backward flips, while wearing the goggles.


This new futuristic eyewear is said to be able to project augmented reality images; Google showed off its 720p HD video recording capabilities in the demo video. See



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Other features:


Not only does it take pictures and record videos, the glasses take on some of the roles of the smartphone. Wearers can send emails and text, check the weather forecast, and access their calendar and contact details!


On Google , alongside the video a comment read: “This one makes us a little queasy, but our prototype nailed what it”s like to be on a trampoline.”


Release date?


With the demo video revealed, the actual release of the ground breaking goggles seem ever closer to reality. However Google expressed that we should not expect it to release this year: it would be “very unlikely”.


Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page wore a pair of Google eyewear in the UK during a talk. He used a button on the glasses to capture an image of the audience, commenting: “These are obviously Google Glass… It”s still in a bit of an early stage but I”m really excited to be able to have one”.


With the words of the prototype donned CEO, we can’t expect it to be released any time soon, but rest assured it will probably be eagerly awaited by many.  While the features that are already on it seem impressive, technology like with will always be improving and updating its software, so what can we expect in the future? Soon we may be able to do everything wearing a pair of glasses, even make calls?


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What do you think? Would you buy one? Is the way of our technologized future?


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  • Zed
    Comment by Zak: ( May 26th, 2012 at 9:48 pm )

    Must say this is one super article “on point” as they say in slang. Google Glasses is something to look forward to in the future its too bad I didn’t make this first thought about this years ago – simple concept to take pictures and make videos so you never miss those priceless moments.

    Just imagen how we’ll see crazy videos on youtube after this being spread

    Keep the good work up!

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