Need a ‘Milkman’?

By:   |   May 25th, 2012   |   Business is a new company that allows you to employ willing people in your area to run your errands for you, be they small or big. Need your luch picked up? Or need help setting up furniture? provides a service that allows the people in your neighbourhood to either be the ‘milkman’ or hire one to do an errand for you. was co-founded by former Yahoo EMEA Sal Matteis who was the head of Display Platform. The business structure makes its profits by taking a 15% commission on each errand or job that goes through via their marketplace, similar to Agent Anything and TaskRabbit based in the U.S. the start-up company has already partnered up with local businesses in order to extend their grasp across Europe, and new revenue paths within and out of London where started out.


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Currently, the communications system is being improved, to enable the milkmen to receive notifications of new tasks/errands via email, SMS or mobile applications.


Its ambitious plans do not end there. The company intends to present ‘corporate’ accounts in order to grab the needs of office managers. Their small errands would be completed by reliable and verified ‘milkmen’. There will also be a construction of a solid API to allowed third party developers to align themselves with this service. The development is being supported by pan-European start up accelerator Seedcamp.


So what can we expect? In the short term we can expect an expansion locally in London and the rest of the UK. But the long term goals lie in maximising the business all across the market.


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What do you think? Would you ever use this service? Or be a ‘milkman’?

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