New Retina displayed MacBook’s will be crap for web users

By:   |   June 14th, 2012   |   Gadgets
macbook retina display crap for web

Its not so long since I have shifted my hands from an ugly looking HP 530 keyboard to the all new MacBook Pro with superfast processor and high end graphics. As I started enjoying it, Apple made a stupid (stupid for me as I cant afford it) announcement to introduce a new series of MacBook Pro with retina display costing just £1799 (which is almost double my average monthly salary…).


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The introduction of retina display has opened a whole new world of high graphics for the computer industry. The developers will now have to focus on applications that can support very sharp graphics. Instinctive apps do not have any problems with retina display, however the web is going to suffer from it for sure….


From the beginning this claim looks stupid as the web will suffer with the use of retina display because most of the web is still image based and after the use of retina display each and every hidden pixel will be unveiled, which will create an ugly looking web experience due to bandwidth constraints.


Most effected parts of the web will be logos and buttons created by making use of “save for the web” features of Adobe Photoshop as they will look blurry. There are certain things for the web that needs to be changed to support retina display without affecting the quality.



Use of high graphics photos and videos will be necessary for the web but it will increase the demand of bandwidth that will certainly increase the pressure on Internet service providers.



Scalable graphics work like text and they are still necessary for any type of web design and many websites won’t give them much importance at all. Now it will be necessary for all of the websites to use scalable vector graphics to support retina display.



Web designers have to redesign all of their projects to make them retina display friendly if they have not done it already for the iPhone or iPad.


All of these changes will introduce a completely different looking web experience with sharper images and high resolution. Apple has successfully pushed the laptop displays to new heights and soon all the laptop companies will be adopting this cutting edge technology. Now its down to the internet service providers, graphics and web designers to keep themselves up with the pace if they want to mark their name.


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