Solar Power- Will it Save our Future?

By:   |   June 27th, 2012   |   Tech
Solar Power

We’ve heard that investing in solar energy can save us some money, but can it save our future?


Solar Power and renewable energies continue to dominate the headlines as the Earth’s natural resources slowly dwindle, but are they enough to save us?

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The warnings flash, again and again. Within 50 years, the earth will go through a resources void that’s even more crushing than the economic crisis we’re currently going through. Humans in 2008 were using 30% more natural resources than were sustainable. The rate is now higher. We were warned that if our consumption continued at the rate it currently was, we’d need two planets to draw our resources from.


The warnings were ignored.


Governments continued to bury their heads in the sand, small measures being taken to inform the people of the dangers, and citizens continue using more and more energy, but pretty soon, something’s got to give.

All scientific research points to the fact that the world cannot continue to live off of fossil fuels. Inaction on the issue is the greatest threat humanity faces.


Efforts for renewable energy have been made, but not easily. To begin with, wind turbine construction had been objected to and blocked simply because they look “ugly”. Solar panels were objected to, with councils warning people away from them because they “ruin” the scenery and could lower house value.  To use renewable energy has not been an easy task for those who want to change.


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That doesn’t change the facts, however. One offshore wind turbine has the potential to produce enough electricity in one year to power 1,500 EU households. Solar energy, while not as great at generating as much power, is still enough to lower the stress that the Earth’s natural resources are facing. While not enough to lower the strain on the Earth completely, the more people that use things have gradually been changing.


Lots of companies have been offering big prizes for those who come up with ideas on how to use renewable energy. Governments have begun to take measures to step up the use of renewable energy.


The world has been pillaged of its natural resources, and the stirrings of action beginning to be taken to change the way humans consume may not be enough to completely stop the changes that humans have caused to the planet. That being said, the sooner renewable energies begin being used by the masses, the better, for both the planet and the people. People need to learn not to rely on fossil fuels- before they’re gone before they have a chance to adapt.


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