T-Mobile introduces new Mobile Data roaming prices!

By:   |   June 21st, 2012   |   Mobile

T-Mobile has introduced new Internet and Travel Boosters, which allow customers to choose plans to cover their data when travelling. Costs start at £1.


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These plans will come into force on the 19th of July, and thereafter T-Mobile will direct customers to a dedicated page to purchase a booster for the data needs while abroad. But it is a pre-pay option, so users will not run up a big bill, rather they will only be able to use what have paid for via boosters/plans.


These new plans are available for both Pay Monthly and Pay-As-You-Go customers. T-Mobile offers Internet Travel Boosters for smartphones and Broadband Travel Boosters for other mobile devices that are broadband enabled. There is a table of content, explaining the different costs, depending what country the customer is in.  Bundles last a month, or until the customer has used up the data that was given upon purchase. The charges will be added to their monthly bill, or taken out of their Pay-As-You-Go credit.


T-Mobile has differing plans for different regions – grouped into several categories:

- EU

- A – USA, Turkey, India

- B – Canada, Jamaica

- C – Chile, Hong Kong

- D – Qatar, Cuba, Brazil


The Internet Booster cost is shown in a breakdown. For example, a data allowance of just 3MB costs £1 in the EU, £5 in group A, £10 in Group B, £20 in group C and so on.


£1 for 3MB may seem cheap, but if you are a smartphone user, then the limit may disappear very quickly.


The plans for within the EU come in higher than other network providers. For example Vodafone offers customers the choice to use their UK data plan for £3 extra per day. Three offers unlimited data usage for £5 per day in certain European countries.


These new plans come with the introduction of EU price caps on data roaming. These set capped mobile data roaming for EU citizens – from July 1 onwards operators cannot charge over 70 euro cents +VAT per MB.

It all depends on the customer’s needs. Some may need to be constantly glued to the internet so a higher priced bundle will have to do and for others £10 for 50MB will suffice.


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