Countdown to the Top 5 MP3/4 Players

By:   |   June 14th, 2012   |   Gadgets
Top 5 Music Players

One of your friends suggests that you buy the Zune, while your office colleague expresses her admiration owning an Apple iPod touch, to confuse you even more, a sales person who represents Samsung shows a detailed chart that compares SanDisk Sansa, Pyrus, Sony and other MP3/4 players in the market. Before buying an Mp3/4 player, evaluating and assessing your needs is as important as spending the money. Even people with exceptional knowledge on advanced technology lose their way when it comes to comparing and buying the right gadgets that suit their needs.


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To Listen Longer;  APPLE iPOD Touch (4th generation)

Besides the robust user friendly software, itunes 10 and the online itunes account accessibility opens the door for millions of both free and paid apps. It comes with extended battery backup, both standby and playback time of upto 40 hours of music playback and upto 7 hours of video playback. All that you have to do is ensure a full recharge to enjoy the longest battery backup ever. So, recharge fully, select your favorite play list and play it all through your journey.


ZUNE is now the talk of the town among Trendsetters
If you think MP3/4 players are not just for listening to music and playing videos but for expressing your attitude, ZUNE will be the centre of attraction. The touch and feel of this gadget will make you go fanatic. ZUNE is so well crafted, with an elegant screen and stylish metallic body that it grabs almost everybody”s attention without compromising on the advanced technological features such as 32 GB harddisk storage and a vibrant 16:9 aspect ratio.


SanDisk Sansa is for Sensitive Ears
Only a few people distinguish between types of music and SanDisk Sans is for those who specifically look for a music gadget that clearly marks Jazz, Pop, normal bass boost, treble boost and rock. Through thumb wheel controls, one can effortlessly slide the equalizer to enjoy the incomparable sound of music.


Lots of Features on the Pyrus

Many top brands offer MP3/4 music players that are reliable and durable but only a few brands like offer additional unique features like FM Radio, built-in voice recorder, USB portability and ebook viewer. With rising specific customer needs, Pyrus still in the race to stay fit in the competitive electronic gadget market.


Samsung Galaxy 4.2 Player Commands by Offering Competitive Prices
Who said you who cannot own a good MP3/4 player if you don”t spend enough money? Android 2.3, Blutooth 3.0, front and rear camera and a micro USB port, all comes with an affordable price. The Android market is catching up and Samsung Galaxy 4.2 player is here to stay.


Every top brand as its USP (Unique selling Proposition). Listing down the necessities is the first step before buying any electronic gadget. Rather than comparing the benefits and features of MP3/4 players, it is wise to take decisions based on the individual requirements.


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