Twitter gifts small business guide to UK [INSIDE]

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Twitter uk small business guide

Twitter celebrates its 1 year anniversary for its London office with style; releasing statistics that show they have now reached 10million active users in the UK. They felt generous enough to help out the British users by releasing a “UK Small Business Guide” which gives good ways to engage with a small business audience and what potential customers look for when using the micro blogging service (Twitter).


You may know that this guide was already launched in the US with good response from the small businesses therefore this new edition is valuable data specifically for the UK audience.


The guide can be downloaded as a PDF. Simply fill in your details from your full name, email address, twitter name, company name and remember to make sure you select the correct country/region otherwise you will end up with incorrect data from a different country that means nothing to you.


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Once downloaded, the guide walks you through the steps on how to make an account along with other basics like “What is a tweet” but as you work your way down the guide it teaches you ways to increase your popularity on their platform as there is a difference between personal accounts and business accounts.

Here’s one handy picture showing the statistics of why people follow certain brands:


What a surprise(!) Freebies and discount vouchers are leading the table, however other figures reveal they’re not too far behind; this gives any small business an opportunity to provide 1 or more of the above – to obtain a good amount of audience which can be later converted into potential customers. Woo!


When using Twitter for business purposes, the user must understand that tweeting out garbage from a personal account goes down fine but when it comes to small businesses, they need time to build both reputation and growth therefore tweeting and sending out the right things is a total must.


It is fair to say, this guide is a good starting point for anyone that wants to become familiar with the service for their business as building up a good amount of followers cannot do you wrong and keeping those updated that are interested with what you do. We all tend to have our alien moments when using it for the first time so even if you’re new to Twitter we would highly recommend you download the guide as it will spoon feed you the basics along with what to do next.

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P.s here is a QUICK LINK instead of signing up on Twitter – remember this PDF is for Small businesses within the UK.

Was this guide helpful? Should Twitter help out small businesses more? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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