Are the upgrades on the MacBook Pro worth it?

By:   |   June 25th, 2012   |   Tech
Macbook pro

The MacBook Pro has been given a revamp, no including a high resolution display, improved processors and a new thin design. But how do these upgrades actually improve user experience for professional media?


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Retina display

If a professional media user needs to video edit, then display is very important. Multiple panels or video displays makes video editing more efficient. With the retina display, the video playback is much more detailed, and enables the user to make adjustments and spot errors in the graphics.


So the MacBook Pro’s increased resolution makes it better for editing than its predecessor. The images are vivid, making videos and images very sharp, thus useful for further accuracy.



The upgrade in the MacBook Pro’s processing power is also useful. When doing multiple things such as video editing, browsing and downloading, the older model did slow a bit. But on the new model its processing speed was good; it did not have any sign of slowing or freezing. However, when using processor heavy effects, it slowed just a little, but not so much as to cause a problem. Even with photo editing, the machine powered jameshallison casino through, – working with high resolution images of up to 60 MB. In this, even other competent laptops may have found their limit, but the MacBook Pro does not slow or freeze.


The upgrade power then should make edits faster, a welcome improvement for the professional media user.



The MacBook Pro is missing some useful ports, such as a port for a FireWire 800, or an Ethernet port. An adaptor can be bought for the Ethernet for a cheap price, however, it should be expected that an Ethernet port should have been included already.


Overall, this laptop is very useful and efficient for professional users when they are on the move – as they cannot then use multiple displays. The MacBook Pro provides high resolution display even without multiple displays/connection to external devices.


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